How to make blogging easier

In the short time I’ve been blogging, I’ve learnt a few things that may take the slog out of blogging and make the experience a little easier.

Determine your goals

It helps to remind yourself why you are doing this. And if you’re not sure of your goals or they aren’t working, it’s time to re-establish them.

Allocate the right amount of time

I haven’t had the time to blog, cos it was taking too much time to do it! The key is to fit the task into a timeframe that works for you and allows you to achieve your goals.

Cut back on what you’re saying

One of my main issues with writing posts, was that I was trying to say too much. Posts should focus on a single idea. Save the additional ideas for other posts.

Don’t aim for perfection

When you rewrite one of draft posts four times and you’re still not happy with it, you know your a perfectionist and you know you’re in trouble. Why? Cos you’ll never hit the publish button! Yes, this happened to me. Beyond grammar, spelling and good flow, so long as the post makes a point and presents the idea, that’s all it needs to do. It’s just a blog post after all, not an award winning novel.

Make it your preference

There’s probably a dozen other things I’d prefer to do then churn out blog posts. The fact is, if I stick to these rules and achieve my goals, I’d expect blogging to become easier, enjoyable, rewarding and eventually. one of my preferred pastimes.

What has stifled your pursuit to blog and how did you overcome it?