Why doesn’t your small business have a website?

New Bike

Having recently shopped online for a new bike, it surprised me to find that some bike shops still don’t have their own website. This is something that seems to be common with many small businesses.

I can think of only one reason why these business owners opt-out of having a website.

The perceived expense.

To compensate, some of these businesses have jumped on the social media bandwagon. They’re using Facebook or other social networks as a substitute for their website. Not only is this cheap and unprofessional, it means their primary online presence is at the mercy of the branding, design and policies of these social networks.

What they may not realise is the cost of getting a basic website established is relatively low. A domain name and web hosting package starts from under $30 a year. When it comes to building a site, business owners can use DIY options such as Weebly, WordPress or Squarespace. Otherwise they can seek design services from 99designs, Elance or even better, a local freelancer.

To start out, a business website needs an ‘about’ page, product/service information and contact details. A simple yet well-presented website demonstrates professionalism, builds trust and gives customers confidence in the business, which may lead to an enquiry or a purchase.

Business owners need to realise customers will be looking for their products and services online. Therefore a website should be the primary online presence for any small business.