The end of paper

I’m sick of paper.

Having just spent the last few hours sorting and filing piles of bills, receipts, invoices and other documents accumulated over the past year, I’ve decided to declare today the end of paper.

How will I do this?

Where possible, by:

  1. Registering for paperless bills from utility and service providers
  2. Asking retailers to send sales receipts via email
  3. Sourcing manuals (if required) from the manufacturer’s website, for any products I purchase
  4. Using the Preview app for Mac (or Acrobat Reader if using a PC), to add my signature to any documents which require signing
  5. Scanning receipts, business cards and other required documents using Apple Notes.

This should reduce the amount of incoming paper. Any required documents will be stored digitally and their paper versions recycled.

Here’s to saving the planet and minimising time spent handling paper.